Youth development: Decent work for all young people


Employment is a relationship between two parties, usually based on a contract, one being the employer and the other being the employee.

This is the age of competition. So to survive in this world we have to compete. Youth have to compete in every field. They have to compete for employment too because institutions prefer people with higher qualification so the people with less qualification gets disappointed and gets involved in bad activities. Youth are the most interesting stage of the human life in which a person has independent existence. But it is the time to make the right decision because the future of the youth depends on the decision. Old people and children depends on youth so a youth needs good job for fulfilling its family demands. Nowadays jobs are not easily found even though youths have good degree they are not getting jobs. Everybody has desire for a decent work but nowadays youth have to work in places salary because of the increasing problem of lack of employment in the world. Even the half of the total population of youth are unemployed. But agriculture is one of the best employment to the youths in rural areas.Image


The Lack of Job Opportunities job employment opportunities
Although there had been strong economic growth in the past, with the recent downturn of the global economy, the labor market is performing extremely poor. Employment has expanded by just 50% of annual global targets. The numbers of unemployed people are on a high increase due to lack of job opportunities.

Most of the working population seems to be rising from low-productivity and low-pay sectors. On the whole, industrial, construction and manufacturing sectors are bringing up figures showing “net job loss.” And most of the new jobs created in the global economy are part-time jobs and not the full-time jobs that many governments seem to be promising, but not creating.

The estimated number of jobs which are expected to be created on an annual basis is falling by the day. This makes it very difficult to find jobs and causes continuous unemployment. Governments are facing “job deficits” (lack of jobs) and the situation is becoming extremely serious!


Some of the problem faced by the youths are:-

  • They are facing unemployment.
  • They have to work under unfavorable environment.
  • They are not getting paid according to their work.
  • They are being over exploited.


Some of the activities that government can do:-

  • Provide better employment opportunity.
  • Aware youth to respect any kind of jobs.
  • Provide training on income generating skills.













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