“Role of social media to build youth capacity”

“Role of social media to build youth capacity”
Social media is one of the main source of communication in this modern age. It is one of the basic requirement for youth. It helps to develop their brain because they could easily share their ideas and opinion to one another through social media. The use of social media is increasing in the youths. People can easily learn new things through the use of social media and enhance their skills and increase their capability.
Social media is playing one of the important role to build youths capacity. It is taking their minds and skills to the next level through interactive courses. Due to social media people can easily share their skills with each other in a limited period of time without the problem of distance or else. Social media has mad the communication between people easy due to easy sharing of their feelings. It is obvious that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. has made the sharing of information and knowledge easy and convenient.
So the sharing of information increases the capacity of the youth. For example: – In past if youths have to collect information, they had to visit libraries and waste their time. But now if youths need information they can easily search on web or social Medias and get information. Social media has made the collection of knowledge easy which helps youth increase their capacity in a short period of time. Now youths can discover many new things just by using a PC which is very interactive and easy to use. In this modern age the main requirement of youths are internet because it helps them to use social media. Social media has spread in youths and they are addicted. Social media helps their study and let them use their ideas and give their opinion about things which increases their mental activity. 
Different social Medias let people to talk to each other. Even if one is in UK and another is in Nepal. They could easily talk and share information on different topics. It is connecting youth to youth and making them aware about different activities taking place in the world. Social media can also be used for saving environments and wildlife for example: – Youth can join different campaign related to the environment and participate in their activities.
Social media have benefits as well as cons. It is a good way of sharing information and communication but it is spreading like an addiction in youth causing them to use it desperately and regardless their family and life. Youth are addicted to these social media and due to which they have less interest about their life and so on. So using social media as a source of information and knowledge to build youth capacity is good but it is

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